Sunday, March 4, 2007

Class Blog Topics~ feel free to comment if i spelled your name wrong or you have updated/changed your topic!

Name Blog Topic

Jessica T, Britney Spears
Jessica B, Family Guy
Jessica B, 24
Amanda G, American Idol
Melissa Z, Flavor of Love
Erin D, America's Next Top Model
Darling C, Women in all media
Amanda D, Emo Music
Spencer H, The Office
Lauren P, Da Ali G Show
Katelyn R, Hollywood Female Ideology
Michelle L, Adverts related to Viewers
Devon M, Beauty and the Geek
Jennifer M, None Yet
Melissa M, Oprah
Leo M, Gender and Anime
Kristin C, Gender, Desperate Housewives
Alexandra A, Gender Representation in Ads
Pat D, Family Guy
Kristian E, Gender, Professional Sports
Kyle G, South Park
Tara B, South Park
Mark B, Seinfeld
Dan G, Scrubs
Nicole U, Grey's Anatomy


Jessie said...

Can you delete the last names here- I haven't been using them b/c I don't have everyone in the class' permission and/or preference for the level of anonymity that they're comfortable with online.

Just include the last initial after the first name- I'm worried that for anyone who had hoped to remain as anonymous as possible during this project, the effort will be undone by having the blog titles listed by the students first and last names.

If any other blogs contain this list or a list w/ students' full names, please delete the last name asap. Thanks!


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