Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Uh-Oh: Brit's in Rehab

Britney Spears has finally entered rehab. After shaving her head and getting 2 tattoos one night last week, Britney has checken into an undisclosed location to recieve rehabilitation treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Personally, I am relieved. This is the best thing to do for her and her children, especially if she wants to keep custody of her two very young children, Sean Preson(19 months) and Jayden James (5 months).

Its been along time comming for the party mom.

So lets think about this on a psychological note, shall we?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Website Choices i chose this site because it is where to get the most up to date info on all the celebs, the hot spots, and also allows users to post to the site, commenting on whatever they like another blog dedicated to Britney, featuring pictures, videos, music clips, as well as posts from site users Well i feel i must link this site to my blog, simply because of the fact that, while having her difficulties, and bad judgement calls, Britney regularly posts personal statements on her website that try to "explain" her wacky doings. this website is basically CNN for Britney. a little amateurish, but so is mine, so whatever. This site is just a blog, with space for readers to post their feelings, nothing fancy This site is just a place to find videos of all sorts. I kinda like this one, it covers a lot of bases, although theres not much analysis here this site has personal blogs and diaries of various celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and William Shatner (hahahah)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ok heres the first of my postings, letting all readers decide wether they think britney is stoned, high, whatever, or simply j ust a hometown girl from kentwood louisiana going on about a movie....